10 reasons why small group coaching's time has come.

Written by Alistair Gordon 04 May 2020

We’ve been banging this drum for seven years, but now, in April 2020, can there be any doubt at at that small group coaching and a compelling and effective leadership development approach is an idea whose time has come?

Here’s ten reasons why.

1. Small group coaching lends itself perfectly to virtual delivery.

We’ve been delivering virtual coaching pods over the phone and on video-conferencing for years. It works. Small group, one coach, shared materials, short time together (90 or 120 minutes) – it’s all as if it was designed to be virtual. Even FTF, it is easy enough to manage social distancing.

2. Small group coaching is personal, and right now, leaders need development opportunities that reflect today.

In a coaching pod there is usually some curriculum covered, but the majority of the discussion between the three participants is about what’s going on for them on their teams , and what to do about it. It’s super applied. Like, um, what’s needed right now.

3. Small group coaching provides a critical outlet for stressed leaders.

A problem shared is a problem solved. Small group coaching is unique in its ability to built an immediately support network between three leaders – one that is trusting, encouraging, and confidence building. Plain old workshops simply don’t do this.

4. Small group coaching is episodic – session every fortnight or month – it fits the situation.

No one can afford days away from the team right now. So short, sharp, consumed anywhere sessions (home or work or even the park if its virtual), work brilliantly for leaders and their teams.

5. Small group coaching is just in time.

Got three front line leaders – or middle managers – who are struggling to deal with the new leadership challenges? Start a new pod today. It takes a week to start – not months of planning for larger groups. These leaders get support immediately.

6. Small group coaching is coaching, not training.

No death by PowerPoint. No trainer taking participants through pre-arranged generic content. This is in the moment group problem solving, led by an experienced coach who ask questions and helps front line leaders – or middle managers – solve their own problems. What every leaders needs now is coaching not teaching.

7. Small group coaching is customisable to the participants situation.

Products like Fastlead, our small group coaching solutions, is curriculum based and has 14 topics – all covered one session at a time. Participants (and their managers can choose the topics that feel most relevant right now. They can change topics to be covered as they go along. It’s flexible, its relevant, it’s about the participants.

8. Small group coaching meets an immediate need

Leadership development – support for front line or middle managers – is needed more today than ever before. But it has to be virtual and customised to the situation. Only a coaching approach can do this. And three heads is better than one in the current circumstances.

9. Managers of participants are intimately involved.

Executed properly, managers of participants are heavily involved all the way through the process – improving communication, alignment, team performance and succession planning.

10. Small group coaching works.

White collar, blue collar; industrial or tech; finance or healthcare. High client repeat rates. Very high scores from participants. And managers.

TOO HARD? Not at all. One 30-minute phone call and we can have your critical leaders in pods – and in a better place – in a fortnight. Fastlead is Australia’s number one small group coaching solution for front-line and middle managers. Leverage our experience today.

And don’t forget our webinar on how to build small group coaching on Weds 13 May 8AM AEST.

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