FASTLEAD ‘explodes’ as a credible solution in the post-COVID world

Written by Alistair Gordon 16 Jun 2022




FASTLEAD ‘explodes’ as a credible solution in the post-COVID world

HFL’s frontline leadership program, FASTLEAD, based on a small group coaching design, has won four major new clients in the last month, each training more than 50 frontline leaders in new intakes.

“Clients are finding that the ability to deliver the program either face-to-face or virtually, with no impact on learning outcomes, makes it an ideal solution for engaging and growing leaders in a dynamic, hybrid work environment” said Kirsty Allen, Client Director and Principal Consultant at HFL, and the FASTLEAD Product Manager.

Allen is a veteran of the FASTLEAD small group coaching story, having been at the company when it was first designed eight years ago and has presided over several refreshes. The Principal Consultant who brought all four clients on board, says the clients are all seeking the same benefits from a radical design.

“They are looking for flexibility, the ability to bring people together from different areas of their organisations, the concept of leader as coach at the centre of the offering, and the ability for participants to have a personalised learning experience,” she says. “They are also looking for a program that is easy to deploy, where the Fastlead Team does all the logistics and reporting because they have smaller teams with greater workloads.” This she says is a theme for many of her clients.

These organisations, as is typical of the FASTLEAD client base, come from diverse sectors. One is an iconic financial institution, one an organisation tackling a huge infrastructure project, one a transport company, and one a water utility. These organisations join manufacturing, health, retail, technology, insurance and logistics clients.

“Because FASTLEAD is run as coaching sessions with small groups of participants – typically three or four per pod – it is highly customisable,” says Allen. “It suits both emerging leaders and more experienced team leads in any industry without the need for expensive or time-consuming re-design.”

During the last year, most clients have moved to virtual delivery, with Net Promoter Scores from participants actually rising. “Now we are seeing more clients wanting the option of both face-to-face delivery as well as virtual delivery to bring geographically dispersed employees together,” says Allen, and adds “they also want the flexibility FASTLEAD offers of switching between the two modes quickly.”

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