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Each month, we offer a management challenge for Fastlead alumni. Here’s a difficult management situation - how would you deal with it?

The alumni write back with their responses, and a Fastlead accredited coach works through each, summarising the good and bad in each approach. We then post the full results for all alumni and interested parties to read, and the best response wins a $75 book voucher.

Only Fastleaders can access the current month’s challenge. But even if you’re not a Fastleader, you can view earlier challenges, the winner and our coach’s analysis of the responses. It’s a great insight into the thinking process of engaged managers, and a useful exercise for your team to boot.

Take the Fastlead management challenge

EPISODE 8. 17 Oct 2020

You're feeling overwhelmed by the immense challenges from both your personal and work life. What should you focus on first?

EPISODE 7. 14 Sep 2020

EPISODE 6. 11 Aug 2020

You are in a team leader role that your friend also applied for but didn't get. Your friend is a great performer but they keep on making snide comments to the rest of your team...

EPISODE 5. 13 Jul 2020

Team member Alex is blaming everyone for their performance. However, the problem lies with Alex...

EPISODE 4. 26 Jun 2020

You're keen to develop a second in command and have been slowly training Todd through delegation. You're not so sure that things are going to plan...

EPISODE 3. 15 May 2020

What evidence do you have to show to HR that you are dismissing an employee fairly?

EPISODE 2. 08 Apr 2020

How do you settle your team's nerves when you yourself don't know what's going to happen?

EPISODE 1. 27 Feb 2020

You’ve been promoted, congratulations! You're now head of the team you've been part of for some time. Except that's not how your work mate Sam sees things...