Introducing: Fastlead Plus for middle management
Summary: Middle management coaching reflects increased experience - and the pressure from above and below to lead effectively.
Written by Grant Heinrich 09 Apr 2020

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Fastlead Plus offers clients an opportunity to engage middle managers, one small group at a time, using the same leadership concepts as in Fastlead, but with topics elevated to match the additional responsibility of middle management.

Fastlead was originally designed for front-line leaders running a team of individual contributors. The topics and content relate directly to the challenges front-line leaders face, particularly when transitioning from an individual contributor to their first leadership role. Design and topic selection was based on extensive research the Fastlead team undertook, talking to more than 300 front-line leaders in depth.

In the past five years we have run over 300 Fastlead pods and assisted more than 1,000 front-line leaders in developing their leadership skills and deciding what type of a leader they wish to be.

The success of the small group coaching format – episodic, small groups (typically three participants with one coach), one topic at a time – has meant that over the years clients have asked the Fastlead team to include groups of more experienced leaders on the program. While we have accommodated these requests by having our Fastlead coaches flex with the content, it has been clear to us for some time that a properly designed Fastlead version specifically for mid-level leaders – leaders leading leaders – was required.

This year we have conducted a great deal of research – both formal and anecdotal – into the challenges of leading from the middle. As a consequence we are excited to announce from the launch of Fastlead Plus – our small group coaching leadership development solution for mid-level leaders.


The topics and content are designed to reflect the high pressure role mid-level managers play, facing pressure from both above and below to lead effectively. The design also reflects the greater experience of leadership that participants typically bring to the discussions we facilitate in Fastlead pod sessions.

However, the content reflects a critical philosophy that is included in the design of Fastlead programs at all levels – crucial discussions about what best practice looks like and what next practice might look like. It is also very experiential, where confronted by typical scenarios that mid-level leaders need to deal with, the participants themselves do most of the discussion and solutioning.

At Fastlead, our motto is the ‘answer is in the room’ and we have retained this view throughout the design process for Fastlead Plus.

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