It's critical to involve managers in small group coaching - here's why.
Summary: Involving managers in leadership development programs is a critical success factor. With small group coaching you have a multitude of opportunities to do just that, very effectively. And managers report they learn from the experience as well.
Written by Grant Heinrich 20 Mar 2020

Image credit: Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Every OD/L&D professional knows that making sure participant’s managers are involved in leadership programs is a critical success factor. We all want managers to play an active part in helping their direct reports grow as leaders.

The small group coaching approach to leadership development allows designers to build in super-sized manager involvement. And our research data - gleaned from surveying managers of our participants on our Fastlead program - suggests that involving managers a great deal doesn’t just benefit the participants.

The managers themselves report working on their own leadership more as a result of having a participant on the program. And a whopping 83% say they have more and better quality development conversations with their reports.

For more information on how we involve managers in our small group coaching leadership program, check out our blog article Double Whammy Pay-off: managers learn heaps too. For an overview of our research on participants and managers, please contact us.

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