Leadership challenges: real front-line leadership challenges solved

Written by Darin Fox 24 Mar 2020

Each month, the Fastlead alumni are set a leadership challenge - to resolve a common leadership challenge. Each alumni proposes a solution, and a Fastlead coach assesses and comments on the answers to pick the winner.

The results are a fascinating look into how frontline leaders view and solve a common leadership issue. In this case: “How do you become the manager of someone who’s always been a friend - and who maybe hasn’t realised your relationship has changed?”

Here’s the original question and our coach’s summary of the best responses.

You can also see the full list of anonymized responses here. If you’re curious how your new leaders think, we really recommend a read of that last document.

It shows something we see in our Fastlead small-pod coaching all the time. New leaders maybe aren’t as polished as their managers, and there’s some very understandable rawness. But they want to do the right thing: there’s an enthusiasm and a desire to do the best for their team that’s really encouraging to see.

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