WEBINAR: The Virtual Leadership playbook: Five techniques to deploy right now to be a better remote team leader
Summary: The challenges of a virtual office leave many leaders struggling to to adapt their leadership style, goals and priorities. Working from HFL's new Virtual Leadership Playbook, what are five management techniques you can deploy today to create purpose and mobilise your team, and continually improve team capability?
Presented by Alistair Gordon 28 Oct 2020
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Great leadership is great leadership - it shouldn’t be that different in a virtual world. Yet many leaders struggle with the small but critical changes required to their leadership styles, goals and priorities.

In this 45-minute webinar, our CEO Alistair Gordon outlined:

  1. The top five leadership adaptations that make virtual management more effective, based on our recent research into “What makes a great virtual leader?”

  2. How leaders can use intentional, highly skilled, and high-performance communication techniques to create team purpose.

  3. How to audit your personal leadership performance through five lenses: focus and performance; connection; team development; team care; and high-performance communication.

Introducing: the Virtual Leadership Playbook

Our new Vleader program, and its Virtual Leadership Playbook, turns what we learned in our virtual leadership research into actionable advice for remote managers.

This webinar is a sneak preview of that actionable advice, and all attendees will be eligible for a 10% discount on their first booking of a Vleader program.

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This webinar was held Weds 28 Oct 2020. Watch the video above, or you can request the slides from the 30th onward.

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